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Learn to code from Silicon Valley professionals in your free time without breaking the bank.


Curriculum developed in Silicon Valley, delivered to you

  New curriculum: Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, we keep our curriculum up-to-date with the world's cutting-edge tech trends and standards

  Proven curriculum: Our students have gone on to land coveted coding jobs, including roles at Facebook and Google

  Nothing is out-sourced: You'll learn from highly-paid, locally hired developers with experience at top companies including Facebook and Microsoft


It's your bootcamp experience from start to finish

  Keep things personal: We only accept a few students at a time -- we're going for that "boutique" feel!

  Flexible: Total newbie, and only 10 hours a week? We'll create a plan to make it work. Ready to dive-in full-time? We'll make sure you stay challenged!


Invest in your skills without breaking the bank

  Pay month-to-month, cancel any time

  Compare us: 1/10th the cost of comparable in-person bootcamps, or 50% the cost of competing online bootcamps


Web Developer

“The skills I learned in this course I use every day at my new programming job.”

“Out of high school I got a 2 year web programming degree at a local technical college. I applied and applied for programming jobs and was unable to land one. I really enjoyed programming but started to think I would never be able to make it my career. A few years went by working odd jobs when I got the opportunity to take this bootcamp online. I can't begin to say how great this course is. I learned more about programming in a matter of weeks than I did in a matter of years in school. Seeing real world examples of what we were learning along the way made me excited to learn and do the work. In addition to the amazing coursework, Micheal equips you with great tools to help you find a job. I was able to get a programming job just weeks after completing the course. The skills I learned in this course I use every day at my new programming job. I am very happy with my new job and 100% recommend this course to anyone looking to get into a programming job!”

1. Apply

Our interview process is designed to make sure Kickstart Coding is right for you and your career and learning goals.

2. We create your course

Dive deep with your assigned academic advisor, create a customized academic calendar to keep you accountable through the program.

3. Learn to code

Using our custom online platform, you'll be guided through a customized set of coding bootcamp classes at your pace, by your dedicated mentors and instructors.

Our curriculum

Learn the most in-demand technology. The Bay Area tech scene stays cutting-edge, and our curriculum reflects that.

We also believe learning should be deeper than just tech buzzwords. We teach you how to think like a software engineer, with hands-on, real-world projects, all geared to prepare you for a full-stack position.


  • Python
  • JavaScript (ES6)


  • React
  • Django
  • React Router
  • Bootstrap


  • MVC
  • OOP

Web concepts

  • API
  • ORM
  • Templating
  • Static sites
  • Single page apps

Tools and DBs

  • Bash
  • Git
  • Webpack
  • Postgres
  • Sqlite


  • Whiteboarding
  • Algorithms / CS

Python is growing in popularity at an incredible rate. Learn more here.

Note: Some topics might be substituted as needed to better match industry demand.


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How we compare

Are you considering other options, such as taking a "remote" bootcamp, or guiding yourself in a self-paced course? Here's what makes our approach so different.

Kickstart Coding Other "remote" bootcamps "Self-paced" online class
Video lectures and homework
1:1 help
Advisor to keep you on track
Customized to fit your time and needs  Typically requires
40-60 hours per week
Taught (only) by industry professionals
Affordable $499


/ month
$1000 - $5000 / month $10 - $500

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